Tuesday, March 10, 2009

To Pacify Jennifer

Yes, this is for you, Jen. You know I only skipped one day. That happens, sometimes. I was always going to take weekends off.

Well, Jen, something happened today that will make you very happy.

Not to mention how happy it makes me--even my family. How amazing, to think that this was possible!

Paul called me about an hour ago with the most exciting and fantastic news.


This is amazing. I can't believe it.

He is selling his account, which could get him the big bucks. But the best part is that we as a family will be able to talk to Paul about something other than his Druid, his Druid's gear, raiding, forums, his Druid's new flying mount (like, a bird of some kind that takes you places, it isn't dirty), and so forth. We can talk about the news. Paul will leave campus because he won't be raiding on the weekends. This is wonderful. He can have a Real Life.

Or he will just find a different video game to fill his time.

He could get a girlfriend.

Or he will find a different video game to fill his time.

He could get a fun job in his environmental field.

Or he will find a different video game to fill his time.

Jennifer, he could even come and hang out with us on the weekends!

Or he will find a different video game to fill his time.

Which do you think is more likely? I know which one I think it will be. I wish it wasn't. But you can't always get what you want.

At any rate, it is a bit of news to fill my day and a blog for Jennifer that she will find (hopefully) as exciting as I do.


  1. Ah, but to be fair, I never said I would write everyday. You, on the other hand, did. Plus, I'm not the writer and my stories are not nearly as spellbinding as yours. For example, your new blog about Paul, I think I'll have to see it to believe it. Maybe Paul is, dare I say it, growing up? Just kidding, but really, can you imagine a white-haired 83 year old Paul sitting at a computer jumping up and down because he just got a new flyer thing for his whatchamacalit?

  2. Oh, Jen. I said I would write every weekday and skip the weekends, like work. But I didn't stick to it and did write weekends. So you got some bonus blogs there, allowing me to skip even weekdays if the occasion calls for it.

    But I won't. Just weekends if I need to, for emotional reasons. Especially if I can't blog about what is going on in my life without getting into trouble like someone we both know on facebook.