Friday, April 17, 2009

A Post About Jennifer

Jennifer cracks me up.

It might be that she says what she's feeling without freaking out about what people will think about it. It might be just the way she says things. I'm not really sure.

What I do know is that sometimes she just has me in hysterics and has little to no idea why.

Yesterday, we were sitting at Culver's, talking about politics and how some people know nothing and think they know everything, how some people know everything and people who know nothing jump down their throats because they know the people who know will defend themselves and its easier just to leave propaganda shoved in their mailbox or abandoned in the teacher's lounge, and how other people just hate everyone who disagrees with them, regardless.

So, invariably, our families were discussed, and, finally, Jennifer summed up our conversation with the following, "When something is wrong and we know its wrong...why should we have to sit and listen to stupid people spout their crap?!"

I responded with hysterical laughter, my eyes tearing as Jennifer, who was utterly serious about the whole thing, looked on confused at why I would find what she said so funny. Especially when she meant it. And Jen, I totally agree with you. It was just the phrasing, you see.

And I have not been able to recount that story without laughing again, so hard that my dog wondered what the heck my problem was, and why I was crying.

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