Thursday, April 23, 2009

So tired, tired of waiting...

Why do I have to work?

Yeah, I know. It's the whole having money thing. And the whole student loan thing, the car thing, and the health insurance thing. Not to mention the whole yarn thing, which is a big Thing, and deserves capitalization.

So yes, that was a rhetorical question.

The thing is, I am sitting here, at work, as the days of the week creep on toward the weekend. And I am thinking...there is yarn in Warsaw.

I should go to Warsaw.

I should go to Warsaw--and get the yarn.

Then the yarn will be here.

And I will be here.

So the yarn and I will be in the same place.

At the same time.

With needles.

And I already have the pattern. So there's that too.

If all of those things are here, then the sweater will be too. And I can knit. Remember?

So how about Warsaw?

And then I have to remind myself, JOB! Laura cannot go to Warsaw today, nor can she go tomorrow, because she has to buy pencils in gross to give away to teenagers as they read books, several months from now.

She must cut little scraps of green paper very carefully to make it look like overgrown grass, then curl it a bit to make the grass look three-dimensional.

She must also make nice with people, even when their children are obnoxious and they come in three minutes until closing. She must make nice even if their children sometimes urinate within the building, and she must make nice even when they are extremely stupid.

Laura also must make nice when all of those things are wrapped up into several human packages and united as one family, inseparable from each other except for when the child is urinating, pulling books/movies from shelves, or running upstairs with an encyclopedia. Or yelling.

She must do all of those things for the yarn. But also for the loans, car, and health insurance thing. And so she can spend time/money with friends. Because that's fun.

But sometimes, when there is good yarn, and I know it...I don't want to.

I want to get paid for doing the yarn thing. Or the blog thing. Or, preferably, both at the same time. Can that happen?

How does that happen?

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