Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some Random Thoughts

1. They should allow you to buy all the pieces of Chex Mix separately as well as together, since only some of the pieces are good and I only end up eating certain ones and then saving the half-empty bag until all the rest is really stale and gross, then throwing it away.

2. The nice thing about working in a library is that you get to read all the new books before they get shelved out where other people can check them out. So you get first pick.

3. It is necessary to have one pair of dress pants in khaki or brown, in order for you to use your entire wardrobe, not just parts of it, when working in an office.

4. My eyes are kind of dry.

5. Meat-grinders should be unplugged before you clean them.

6. The trains are loud, as they are right next to the back doors.

7. I should not, perhaps, eat custard at Culvers for lunch every day.

8. There is a stuffed animal--a gray squirrel--staring directly at me as I write this, and it is becoming creepy.

9. If I Stay is a magnificent novel, and it should get some critical acclaim, if it hasn't already.

10. There is a stuffed brown squirrel staring at me too.

11. My finger itches.

12. Why is it that I can be in a room filled with books and bored at the same time?

13. I don't want to cut out any more words for magnetic poetry, but I will when I have finished this.

14. Kylie is on Facebook right now, eating the aforementioned Chex Mix.

15. I shouldn't eat any Chex Mix, as I have already had custard today. And yesterday.

16. I wonder if the Yarn Harlot has posted another blog?

17. I would have more to say if I had that much time to knit, or think about knitting.

18. I have to call Paul back, but I don't want to because that means I will have to drive to North Manchester and take him home for the long weekend. I hate picking him up from campus. It is inconvenient.

19. I would rather just eat more custard. Or drive to North Manchester, eat soup, then get him. But the KenapocoMocha will be closed by the time I get there.

20. The Soup Lady at the KenapocoMocha is a goddess, and statues should be erected in her honor.


  1. Next week's to-go meal is a white chipotle chicken chili. $10 for several servings of delicious, reheatable soup. Email and reserve by tomorrow for Monday. Also, I'll drop you a PM over Ravelry in a couple hours about tomorrow.

  2. I need some Laura time and a new Laura blog to entertain me. I'm drowning in my own confusion. Plus, I have new, good stories--really!

  3. Jen, I will do my best for you. Meanwhile, watch the sheep!