Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Surprisingly Good News

Well, despite the multiple warnings from my dentist about how the hideous tooth needed removed OR ELSE, he was able to SAVE IT.

My tooth is now FILLED. It is filled with magic, and all my hopes for the future. Or maybe with acrylic or something. Who knows? Probably my dentist.

Next Wednesday, I have the horrible tooth's slightly-less-horrible neighbor worked on, and then my mouth will be okay until the next nightmarish occurrence.

I am still in shock that I don't have to pay for oral surgery and a bridge. SHOCK. I mean, I might actually still be able to afford to get the knob in my car that controls where the fan blows heat or air conditioning fixed too! And buy asthma medication! I'm as surprised as you are.

I celebrated by getting a caramel apple cider, as one does. Thanks to everyone for all the good vibes, happy thoughts, and prayers you sent my way.


  1. Fabulous news! (Sorry if this is a duplicate, my computer seems to be having a senior moment...)

    1. It was not a duplicate, and YES, fabulous news!