Monday, August 18, 2014

A Dramatic Escape!

My mother called me over into the living room in order for me to duct tape my father's hands together. This is a normal night in our house, because we are weird. Dad had seen a duct tape escape video on YouTube from a security expert who wanted to teach everyone how to escape their potential murderer. I think escaping murder is an awesome idea.

Mostly, though, I only wanted to duct tape Dad's hands together because I thought he'd discover rather quickly how painful it is to rip out all your arm hair, and that his pain would be funny.

I had the presence of mind to video everything. Enjoy.

Off camera (because no one offered to record it), I tried this. It completely works. Keep your wrists flat against each other as the duct tape is applied, then raise your arms up and bring them down and apart quickly. We also tried it on The Brother and now he hates us because, unlike with Dad and I, he really did rip out half his arm hair and it hurt. That is why part of his arms are probably bald now (and that's funny too).


  1. Yes, I did rip out arm hair. But I hear some guys pay for that, so, I got it for free! --Dad

    1. I don't think anyone wants to hear about your arm hair, Dad. ;)