Monday, August 25, 2014

Humidity and Misery: A Monday Runday Update

It is too flipping humid to run.

I have this genius plan, and it is to run a second 5K and not die this time. I want to do that on September 6th, but I cannot run in this humidity. It's not because it's too hot. It's because I cannot breathe in the humidity. My lungs give up.

It doesn't help that these are ozone awfulness days. Those are days when weather people send out little text alerts to those of us with allergies saying, "stay inside your house or you will die!"

The humidity, you see, keeps nasty things in the air and makes them breathable. So, the hideous diesel emissions that usually float up into the atmosphere and destroy the ozone stay close to the ground so we can suck them into our lungs and the toxins can poison our bodies. The same is true with smoke from burned leaves and yard waste, dust from roads with fresh gravel, pollen, cigarette smoke, mold spores, AXE body spray, and all the other toxins that slowly kill allergy sufferers.

I waited to run until Sunday trying to avoid the humidity. But it was just as miserable as Friday and Saturday were.

I do have a pretty place to run, though. It could be worse.

It's nice, right?

It still crushed me, though. I was destroyed.

My face only got redder after I started running. It was lobster red. I only managed to make it a few miles before calling it quits. I just couldn't take it. Now I am home, drinking lots of water and hoping the weather breaks before my next run.

I need a treadmill or something. But hey, if I had a treadmill, you guys wouldn't get to see me all sweaty and miserable. I hope you know how lucky you are that I chose to capture this misery on film. Not everyone would do that for you.

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