Monday, August 11, 2014

Let's Talk Tea

Jennifer has made me an addict. For my birthday, she gave me FANCY TEA from Davids Tea! (For the record, they do not use an apostrophe. They must have their reasons.) Most of my life, tea came in a little bag inside a little envelope. And the box that contained the envelopes might vary, but as long as the outside said "Orange Pekoe" or "Earl Grey," we drank it. Preferably, the tea was English. Sometimes it was not.

I never knew tea could taste as good as this tea. The fancy tea, from Davids Tea*, comes loose--meaning not inside bags. This, during my childhood, was regarded as "messy" and "too much work," but Davids Tea makes these little drawstring pouches--tea bags--that you fill yourself with the loose tea. You do this with a special spoon. I love the fancy tea-scooping spoon. Then, you pull on the string and it closes the pouch. You have a tea bag.

This is a life-changing innovation.

Not only that, tea tastes so much better when it isn't as highly processed, that I have gone from maybe a cup a week to drinking at least two cups a day. Its a good thing most of the tea Jen gave me has little to no caffeine. If it had been highly caffeinated, I would have stroked out by now.

When I realized it was time to restock, I knew I couldn't go back to the wimpy commercial tea bags, so I went to Davids Tea and placed my order.

I decided to get my childhood favorites--Orange Pekoe and Earl Grey--as well as two fun teas. I went with Chocolate Rocket and Organic Blueberry Jam. Chocolate Rocket came in my birthday present. It is delicious. Blueberry Jam just sounds amazing, so I had to try some.

It is possible that I bought too much tea. I refuse to believe this.

Have you tried Davids Tea? Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments so I know what to try next!

* No, Davids Tea did not call me up and give me free tea, but if they did, I would not turn them down. I actually spent all of my money on tea. That's normal, right? As per usual, all the opinions here are my own. (Unless you share them, in which case they're ours.)


  1. I'm still in love with Davids Tea, but have also been drinking a lot of Starbuck's espresso and cream (the kind in a can). It's a good thing that neither store is close to me. Also, I'm writing this from my new office and the kitty has only ventured in here once. I'm hoping that changes with time :)

    1. I can't wait to see your new office and meet Toby the cat! That espresso and cream in the can is so good but terribly addictive. I also find it depressing that it is in such a tiny can, but if they made the can any bigger, I'd likely stroke out and die of caffeine overdose. Which CAN happen.