Thursday, March 6, 2014

An Expensive Noise

Right now, I'm coming to terms with the fact that a man looked at my car and then ripped a big piece of it off with his bare hands.

I keep telling myself that he did this so he could fix my car, and my car does need fixing, so it's not  a bad thing. Also, that the piece could have fallen off on its own, maybe at high speed, and maybe hurt someone or something. And we don't want that.

But the fact remains that a man ripped a chunk of plastic off my car WITH HIS HANDS. (This was the rear spoiler, in case you were wondering.)

Needless to say, he determined that the spoiler could not be reattached. Instead it must be replaced. I knew the sound the spoiler made was an expensive sound, but I was sort of hoping that it would be expensive in the way a tube of epoxy is expensive and not expensive in the way that a whole new-to-me chunk of car will be.

Oh well.

After the man ripped off the spoiler, he told me he is going on vacation, so it would be at least two weeks before he could do anything to repair it. At least there is no longer duct tape all over my car. Still, I bet a vacation would be more fun than buying a replacement spoiler. I am not even going to look up how expensive a gently-used spoiler is. Not even Googling that.

I lied.

It's looking like anywhere from $150 to $200, not counting the labor involved or any paint work...Please excuse me while I walk outside and light myself on fire.


  1. Ugh. Maybe you could get one for cheaper from a junkyard?

    1. That's what the body shop guy is going to do, so it will likely be cheaper than the eBay prices I found. I hope! I won't find out how expensive it will be until the 17th, when he gets back from vacation.