Sunday, March 9, 2014

It Is Possible to Fangirl Nail Polish

I'm at home, doing laundry against my will, and thinking that it would be great if I could just buy another Butter London color, or maybe 12 more, and then line them all up in a row and look at them for a while.

I'm actually regretting not having extra fingers or toes, just so I have more of an opportunity to use this nail polish. I was even tempted to begin a board on Pinterest dedicated only to their nail polish colors, and I HATE when people pin nail polish and manicure pins. Those things gross me out, usually. But Butter London is so pretty, and so perfect, that I actually want a nail polish board.

Fingernails are still gross.

But Butter London is the opposite. Butter London is perfection in a tiny bottle. Even the names of the colors are perfect.

I'm going back to knitting this shawl now.

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