Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Garage Doors, Library Etiquette, and Cutting Your Own Hair at Work

Francis has gone hillbilly. It is so upsetting. Our garage door glitched out somehow last night--none of us are sure what happened or how--but it started closing on its own and then changed its mind when it realized my car was backing out, but the decision came too late. As it went back up, it caught Francis' rear spoiler, and pulled one side free of its moorings. And it scratched the paint. Stupid garage door.

It is the freakiest thing. The door was open. Mom saw it was open. I saw it was open. None of us touched anything, and yet, spoiler disconnected, then reattached with duct tape until I can get Francis to a body shop to have him repaired.

Needless to say, there were tears.

Stupid garage door.

In other news, this morning was my last day of house-sitting, my last moments with the chickens, which I have discovered are very soft animals. Chickens are SOFT. They are like clouds. And they love bread and corn and other things that aren't snow. They are afraid of snow. It's pretty adorable.

Right now I'm really being distracted by this guy in the lobby. He is playing a LOUD game on his cell phone and coughing like a dying man. I would go over and tell him to shut off the phone, but it sounds like TB out there, or chronic lung fungus, and I don't want to die.

Fine. I talked to him. Still hasn't changed the volume. 

People. The library is not for cell phone video games, loud arguments, dying of highly communicable diseases, hiding from your parole officer or the police, free babysitting, or explicit internet searches. I don' t even know why I have to write that. 

The library is, however, for cutting your hair, because yesterday was the third time I ended up in the break room bathroom during my lunch hour, trimming my bangs. This time I did not use craft scissors. It was premeditated, so I went down to the store and bought hair scissors, or shears, or whatever their official name is. They were designed for a teenager, because they are white with neon polka dots, but that beat tiger print, and it was way less expensive than the plain black pair (which I wanted) because the polka dot pair didn't come with a full cape for elaborate hair cutting. Who needs a cape to cut bangs? Not me.

I have improved greatly at bang-cutting, to the extent that now I am able to 1. make them look relatively even, 2. use the technique my hairdresser always uses (meaning not cutting horizontally, but making tiny vertical snips that keep your bangs looking natural and not blunt and terrifying, and 3. I can even keep the angle to them. These are all great accomplishments.

If you're interested in learning how to cut your bangs, you can use this tutorial, which is fantastic (as all Kate's tutorials are), or if you're lucky, you can ask Jennifer, the way I did. She has also trimmed my bangs, and she has skills.

One last thing of note--the Benefit eye cream is awesome. It really does decrease puffiness, and I've started using it in the morning as well as the evening. I love it.

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