Monday, March 3, 2014

In Which Life Gets Better

I complain about prescription drugs a lot on this blog, mostly because it costs so much to keep myself alive when many of you are able to not pay money to keep breathing. I am really jealous of people who don't have to pay $400+ monthly just to breathe. That must be cool.

Every once and a great while, something good happens. Something that makes life better. And last night, while house-sitting, reclining with a nervous little chihuahua mix in front of a TV that may be bigger than my car, I discovered something that WILL make my life happier, easier, and yes, even better. The nasal spray my doctor prescribes me for the endless sneezing fits and nasal inflammation is now available over the counter.*


Not only that, the cost for said medicine has plummeted. The last time I checked (which, granted, was over a year ago), it was a bit over $200. Now it is $20 for TWO MONTHS worth.

I haven't been using this stuff, because it was too expensive to get it AND the two inhalers. Because really, if I have to choose between sneezing a lot and having my lungs give up and die inside me, I'm going to pick sneezing. Sneezing, as far as I'm aware, can't kill you. Not breathing does kill you. I know; I looked it up.

This is big news, because now I can get this medicine when I need it. Which means I might be able to skip my annual spring sinus infection and my annual fall sinus infection, meaning I want to throw a party. Sadly, I am no good at parties. But the thought is there. Maybe I'll just have a cupcake. Cupcakes are celebratory.

* If you're interested in knowing what this drug is, you can find out by Googling it. Honestly, if they're not willing to give me a discount on their drug, OTC or not, I'm not giving them a plug here. Drug companies don't get a free lunch on this blog.

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